Monica’s Endorsements

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I will work hard to earn your support too. I have learned to never take anything for granted.

"Monica will fight for the people who are left behind, forgotten or marginalized. She will ensure our progressive values power our state legislature."

-Dottie Lamm, the former First Lady of Colorado

"I am thrilled that Monica Duran is running for state representative. She will be a strong addition to our Democratic caucus- where she will work to build a more progressive Colorado."

-State Representative Edie Hooton, HD-10

"Monica Duran will fight for her district, champion our values and make the Democratic Party stronger."

-State Representative James Coleman, HD-7

"As a state representative, Monica Duran will stand tall for the principles of the Democratic Party."

-State Representative Adrienne Benavidez, HD-32

"Monica Duran is the kind of leader who has entered public service for all the right reasons. She has a proven track record of fighting for her community and what she believes in. Monica leads with both her head and her heart and I am proud to endorse her for HD-24."

-State Representative Barbara McLachlan, HD-59

"I am thrilled to endorse Monica Duran. Monica's community leadership and strong values have shown me that she will be an amazing state representative. "

-State Representative Janet Buckner, HD-40

"Monica's grassroots leadership in her community has shown me that she will fight tirelessly for her district. Her track record shows that will champion our Democratic values in the legislature."

-State Senator Rhonda Fields, SD-29

“Monica Duran is a dedicated and enthusiastic activist and public servant, who continues to step in and step up when her community needs her most. I know the citizens of HD-24 will be well represented by Monica. We need more voices like Monica’s in our state legislature, and I hope you will join me in supporting her.”

-State Senator John Kefalas, SD-14

"Monica will fight to make sure Coloradans have an economy that works for all, not just those at the top."

-State Representative Jovan Melton, HD-41

"I know that Monica will be a champion for Colorado families, a fighter to preserve our public schools, and a strong defender of our uniquely Colorado way of life."

-State Senator Michael Merrifield, SD-11

"I am proud to support Monica Duran for HD-24 because we need more strong, Democratic women in our State House."
-Joan Fitz-Gerald, former President of the Colorado Senate and former Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder 

"I believe Monica has taken solid stances on tough issues and made good decisions.  She has my support."
-Tim Allport, Director- Arvada Fire Protection District

"Monica's willingness to listen closely to our community's concerns, examine issues from all angles, and advocate for the best possible solutions, makes her the strongest candidate for HD-24."

-Sandy Baca-Sandoval 

"Having worked with Ms.Duran as a fellow city counselor in Wheat Ridge, I can highly recommend her for the service and work she has performed for her constituents in the city. She has been tireless and highly proactive in bringing the voices of her district into the council chamber."

-Larry Matthews, Wheat Ridge City Council- District IV 

"Monica Duran has been a proven leader. She has worked hard to devote all she can to making sure our most vulnerable are not forgotten. I am proud to stand with and endorse Monica as the next State Representative of House District 24. If you haven't had the chance to get to know Monica yet, I encourage you to do so. I know Monica will be just as responsive and available to the constituents of HD-24 as she has been to her constituents of District 1 on Wheat Ridge City Council."

-Esther Noriega

"I am proud to endorse Monica Duran for House District 24.  Monica truly values all of her constituents, and will listen carefully to the people of the district.  She has worked hard her entire life, balancing a career with raising her children, and understands the concerns of working families from all backgrounds.  I know that Monica will fight for progressive values in the State House, and that is why I believe she is the best candidate to represent House District 24."

-Zachary Noriega, MPA

"I'm so excited to endorse my friend Monica for HD 24. She represents the best of what our Party can offer - a heart for those that need a helping hand, a background in service to our community and a fierce commitment to justice for all."

-Audrey Kline, Leadership for Educational Equity and former Jeffco Dems Officer & past board member of the Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival 

"I strongly endorse Monica Duran for District 24 Representative. Monica has made a choice to engage in the political process to try to change our political condition. Monica doesn't like the existing political climate and neither do I. The unleashing of overt misogyny and bigotry has fostered fear and distrust of our elected officials and continues to challenge them to represent us fairly. Support for candidates like Monica will help our voices be heard."

- Donna Kimsey, Wheat Ridge Planning Commission

"Monica Duran is the perfect type of person that we want representing us. She’s always had to stand up for what she believes in and those life experiences have made her stronger and given her strength to stand up for the rest of us. She’s proven herself on the local level, the regional level, and now she’s ready to prove it on the State level. Monica is one of us and she’s lived it. I will stand next to her and support her quest to become our next House Representative.  If you want someone who is real and solid,vote for Monica."

-Russell J. Lopez, Wheat Ridge Resident, Veteran, Risk Management Specialist, and Entrepreneur 

"I am endorsing Monica Duran for HD-24 because I have found her responsive to the issue we in the community have regarding reasonable development."

-Doug Redosh, MD, Golden Resident and PCP

"Monica’s years of experience in local government are a huge asset to all of us. Her relationships with local business organizations and service groups illustrate how dedicated she is to the neighborhoods she serves.  As a working mom, I genuinely appreciate her views on education and women’s issues and strongly endorse her candidacy."

-Shawn Bowman, Golden Resident, Small Business Owner 

"We need a state representative who understands the struggles of women, people of color, our younger generations, seniors, and working-class Coloradans. Monica Duran is that candidate.  We proudly support and endorse her for House District 24."

-Bernadette Medina & Leonard McBroom, Arvada Residents and PCPs

"I am endorsing Monica Duran for House District 24. I have known Monica long enough to know that whether she is fighting for an issue or fighting for our citizens, she is well informed and accessible. Monica Duran and I have worked together on citizens groups, campaigns, supporting citizen issues, and promoting the betterment of Wheat Ridge.  This work has shown me Monica is confident, well-informed  and a good listener.  The people of our city, state, and nation need individuals like Monica who will step forward for all of us.  I am in awe of an individual who gives their time, efforts and energy to enable us to all live in a better world.  Monica has done this steadily.  

She has dedicated her time and effort to participating on the Wheat Ridge Planning Commission, the Wheat Ridge Fire Department, and Wheat Ridge City Council. As you can see from her website, she also puts forth energy and time on other local issues.  Monica has stood with and supported citizens in the local, county and statewide level. I encourage you to support Monica Duran  for HD24."

-Vivian Vos, Wheat Ridge Planning Commission 

"We offer our support to Monica Duran for House District 24 State Representative. Monica has represented us on the Wheat Ridge City Council for the past two years. She has proven to us that she cares about the residents of our community and issues affecting us. She is knowledgeable, thoughtful and always acts with integrity. We trust Monica to do the right thing and know she will be a strong advocate for our community. 

-Charlie Myers and Maureen Daly, Wheat Ridge Residents

"We have known Monica for 20 years and have always appreciated her dedication to our community. Monica firmly believes in investing in public schools so they can prepare students to compete for the jobs of the future. We're thrilled Monica is running for Colorado House District 24, and know she will represent us all well."

-Kelly and Chris Johnson, Golden Residents

"Monica Duran listens to all constituents whether they are in her District or not.  She is responsive to all citizens and makes sure she listens to people's concerns.  I know Monica will work hard for me because she wants to represent all people including those who feel underrepresented.  I know I'll be voting for Monica because she'll be fair and will hard for all of us."

-Mariann Storck, Wheat Ridge Resident 

"I am proud to endorse Monica Duran for House District 24. Monica is one of our own. She has worked tirelessly to champion the values of our community and our Party. I know that Monica will fight for the citizens of HD-24, just as she has for the citizens of District I on Wheat Ridge City Council."

-George Solorzano

The Hon. Betty Boyd

The Hon. Polly Baca

Shakti, Lakewood City Councilor

Ron Gallegos, Coordinator- Pre-Collegiate Programs

Dodie Dosh, Mountain View City Councilor

Paul Lopez, Denver City Councilor

Philip Hayes