“Here’s where I stand….

An Economy That Works for Everyone

I’ve known what it means to be a woman struggling to put food on her family’s table. Every hard-working Coloradan deserves to have a fair shot at building a secure future for themself and their family. Equal pay for equal work will grow our economy by billions. Closing offshore tax loopholes exploited by big corporations will help us invest in our state’s future. I will work to level the playing field so that hard-working Coloradans are building secure futures – not just living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Fighting for Reproductive Freedom

Extremist Republicans have fought for years to criminalize women and their doctors. I will fight their backdoor attempts to sneak their dangerous personhood policy into law. From guaranteeing access to contraception to protecting funding for cancer screenings, we need Democratic majorities in the state legislature who will fight for our reproductive freedom.

Protecting Public Schools

The key to Colorado’s future is investing in a public school system that gives teachers the tools they need to open doors of opportunity for our kids. From preparing pre-K kids to be school-ready, to full-day Kindergarten, to increasing high school graduation rates so kids are ready to enter a college or their career, I am committed to helping public schools prepare our kids to compete for the jobs of the future.

Fighting for Abuse Victims

You never feel more alone than when you are alone with an abuser. I know that firsthand. Holding abusers accountable and getting justice for victims is critical. But I am going to do more, by leading the way in the legislature to create pathways for victims to escape abusive relationships.

Preserving Colorado’s Environment

Our state is already battling the effects of climate change. Air quality in the metro region is going to have an increasing impact on our local quality of life here in Jeffco. Protecting our environment is not only crucial to our future, it creates great opportunity for working families. There are more energy jobs being created in the renewable sector than in fossil fuels. Diversifying our economy, creating clean primary jobs and protecting Colorado’s natural beauty all go hand-in-hand.

Helping Seniors Live Securely and Independently

With common sense policies, we can help Colorado seniors live securely and independently in their own homes longer. We need to protect the social safety net from D.C. Republicans, invest in preventive care programs that reduce the number of expensive hospital visits, and protect seniors from exploitation that is all too common.”